Founder of Fifth Season, Chauncey Freeman has always had a strong connection to the landscape from an early age.  Growing fruits and vegetables were some of his first activities in the family garden, which ultimately led to larger landscape endeavors. 

One of Chauncey’s earliest solo projects began in middle school, transforming a neglected corner of the farm into a Japanese styled garden Peace and Harmony that still exists today. Ultimately, leading to his first publication in the local newspaper the Tri County News. This garden would later be featured in the Register Guard as part of a fundraiser for Eugene’s Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts.

Chauncey’s passion for landscape continued though high school being heavily involved with the 4-H and FFA programs. Chauncey attended the University of Oregon and studied Landscape Architecture and Business Administration where he as able to understand the general principles of landscape spaces and what makes people connect to them.  

After graduating college in 2009, Fifth Season was founded and Chauncey began creating custom landscapes for clients, incorporating their specific needs into four season plantings.

Currently, as part of the ongoing learning, the creation of Fifth Season Gardens only seemed logical to demonstrate to clients how humans can connect to landscape spaces. During the summer of 2009 along with the founding of the landscape design and construction business Fifth Season Gardens began. The concept of Fifth Season Gardens looks at human’s essential connection to landscape not only for nourishment through agriculture but also for nourishment of the soul in our stressful everyday lives.

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Having grown up working the land, Chauncey has instilled the values of dedication and hard work into Fifth Season. After founding in 2009, Fifth Season has been serving the greater Eugene area with local expertise and sourcing the finest plant material in Oregon.

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